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Absolutely, technology and the internet have transformed the way sales agents do business. Here's how technology and Digital Media can help Sales Agents:

  • A Virtual Showroom and Group for Your Company
    Dharte provides a virtual showroom for your company, allowing continuous updates with the latest company information and details
  • Connect with Suitable Sales Agents
    Members have the opportunity to connect with sales agents and representatives capable of representing their company and securing orders on a commission basis
  • Get Relevant Buyer Leads and Contacts
    Regular leads and contacts of buyers are provided to members, facilitating networking and business opportunities
  • Weekly Access to the Trade Secret Newsletter
    Members receive a weekly newsletter from Dharte, featuring trade secrets, buyer information, and other beneficial contacts
  • Participation in All Virtual Events and Trade Shows
    Members are entitled to free participation in all virtual events. For trade shows, additional costs for tables and stalls may apply, payable as a differential amount
  • Access Virtual Networking and B2B Meetings
    Membership includes the chance to network with fashion industry professionals from around the world and participate in virtual B2B meetings.
  • What is Dharte Partner Program?
    Online presence: Showcase your company with a dedicated online profile. Industry connections: Network with wellness and lifestyle professionals. Targeted leads: Gain access to potential customers interested in your offerings. Industry insights: Receive a weekly newsletter with industry trends and knowledge. Event access: Attend all Dharte virtual/physical events and trade shows. Networking opportunities: Connect with potential partners and clients.
  • How does the process of connecting with Sales Agents work?
    Sales Agents will establish a connection with you if they express interest in your products and services and wish to represent your company.
  • What is the management process for our Virtual Profile?
    Once your virtual profile is established, we will designate you as the administrator of your group. This enables you to keep it updated with the latest information and company details as needed.

In summary, technology and the internet provide sales agents with tools and platforms to reach, engage, and sell to buyers more efficiently, expanding their business opportunities and improving customer experiences.

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