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P.N Rao : 100 Years Of Quality

Like diamonds are a girl's best friend, we can say the same for suits and men. This evergreen style of clothing dates back to hundreds of years. Talking about hundreds of years, That's how long P.N. Rao has been making suits. Catering to each occasion their styles have obviously had some changes. But, what remains constant is their quality. Founded in 1923, By Pishe Narayan Rao. It was established in a small store and used to cater to suits made for british officers and ladies at the british cantonment. The garments for them used to be designed by Pishe Narayan Rao. Today, P.N. Rao has seven stores across Bangalore and chennai, where it has made reputation for suiting up the noteworthy names.

Their mission is to make sure the customers receive finest of fabrics, tailoring and services without having to compromise on style. They wish to blend in tradition and innovation with passion. Core values are a important aspect of a good brand and plays a grand role in its success. Having said that, Some of core values of P.N. Rao are:

1) Customer First :

They develop interpersonal relationships with the customers. Not only does that help in allowing them to give best service to customer but also makes customer feel inspired and confident.

2) Design Differentiation :

Not everyone has same personality or tastes. Hence, suits they create caters to different personalities and their tastes.

3) Advisory Role :

They provide very thorough insights into all things pertaining to men's suits.

4) Pioneering Innovation:

Fashion and innovation go hand in hand. Hence, they strive to innovate without compromising quality and set high standards for fashion.

5) Finest Merchandise :

When talking about a brand with a legacy like this, we can't forget about the quality. P.N. Rao, strives to bring out only the best quality for their customers.

6) Fair Profits :

P.N. Rao is a brand that has very high moral ethics. Hence, they always deliver what they commit to.

At P.N. Rao, they have teamed up with amazing modern technology to provide their customers with top notch service. In the age, where customisation costs a fortune. This brand strives to give both customisation as well as quality to the people. They aim to use digitization, using BMI

and algorithm to customize the product according to their client's needs. In this new technology, you can give them your measurements, BMI, Height and they will use the new algorithm to fit our body type based on the measurements and information we give. Their goal is to make such convenient services available to everyone. By sitting in one state, a person is able to get the best service from another.

In the next 10 years, they hope to expand to all over the country. They believe that anybody interested in fashion or wishes dressed well will use their garments they want good fit without hassle. They also wish that every city represents their brand, not just cities but also even the two tier towns. Eventually, they hope to reach entire country within next 10 years.

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