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Yoga & Wellness Festival Participants

Leading our Yoga & Wellness Festival is the renowned instructor, Mary-Ann McLaughlin! Mary-Ann brings years of experience and a passion for holistic well-being to the event. Prepare to deepen your practice under her guidance and explore new avenues for achieving mind-body harmony. Stay tuned as we unveil the full schedule of workshops and exciting speakers joining Mary-Ann at the festival!

Chandrashekhar patil Rajyog.jpg

Chandrashekhar Patil

Mr. Chandrashekhar Patil is a master spiritual healer, Keenly interested in spirituality since childhood, he practiced Ashtang Yog and attained divine spiritual energies.

Prameet Kotak.jpg

Prameet Kotak

Prameet Kotak, a veteran wellness coach with 25+ years of global experience, specializes in breathing and sleep optimization. Serving diverse clients, from corporates to individuals.


Geeta Bagi

Mrs Geeta Bagi is a Reiki Master. Having upgraded her Reiki with the many renowned Reiki Masters, she is all set to Heal, Balance, Harmonize the lives of many!


Hemal Shah

Maharashtra representative for international ultimate kravmaga federation. Founder fitness kickboxing in India (1999)

Shreya Adhav.jpg

Shreya Adhav

Shreya Adhav has completed her Bachelor’s in Nutrition and Dietetics from SNDT University (Mumbai) and Masters in Sports Nutrition from College of Home Science, Nirmala Niketan (Mumbai). 


Ashwini Patil

Ashwini Patil





Divya Srivastava

Divya Srivastava, founder - Silver Lining Wellness Centre, a counsellor, psychotherapist, and life coach, champions self-love and helps clients explore the roots of their experiences to facilitate positive change.


Sola Luna Yoga

When the sun & moon eclipse, they come together as one.
Eclipsing the mind, body & soul through movement and wellness.
Welcome to Sol Luna Life. Live Life Balanced.


Aster Holidays

Travel Agency with the objective to fill a perceived need for the in-depth provision of world-wide travel related services.



Vrinda - With over 5 years of experience as a legal practitioner for renowned law firms and corporates in India, I teach yoga to a global clientele virtually as well as at studios. 


Kalpesh Gattuwala

Kalpesh Gattuwala


Arvind Kumar

              Arvind Kumar

Screenshot 2024-05-08 194639_edited.jpg

Dr Stuti Pardhe

 Healing is a gift from God and I am bestowed with this beautiful gift. Ever since I was a child, I always knew about a greater purpose that God had laid on my heart





Vishal sukhatankar

VISHAL SUKHATANKAR, from a family where the mother is a trained Yoga teacher and the father is a practitioner of Reiki, Pranic healing and Bach Flower Remedies.


Pratibha Malhotra

Pratibha Malhotra grew to be a healer as she looked to resolve the complexities that shrouded her feelings, body health, relationships and all that was her life. 

WhatsApp Image 2024-05-15 at 12.13.28 PM (2).jpeg

Somnath Sinha 

Co-Founder and Ceo of Indian Counselling Services,a group of friendly psychologists and counselors on a mission to make the world a better place. 


Nitya Ganapathy Nei Native

Nitya Ganapathy Nei Native


Vivek Krishna

             Vivek Krishna


IICTN - Surender Kumar

         IICTN - Surender Kumar

WhatsApp Image 2024-05-14 at 1.24.23 PM.jpeg


       Aanchal, a Counselling Psychologist and Energy Healer.
As someone who has walked the path of healing myself, I'm deeply passionate about sharing these insights and learnings with others. 


Chirayu Navalkar

Chirayu Navalkar
L'ANATOMIE's founder, Chirayu, is a certified therapist with years of experience in yoga, stretching, and weight training.

Daanish Matheen.jpg

Daanish Matheen

Founder at Cure By Design

Dr Roshan Mansukhani.jpg

Dr. Shruti Shah

Dr Shruti Shah is a Dynamic physician and  Dedicated Researcher for Cancer Therapies and Her main Area of Interest and Work is Application of Homoeopathy for Treating cancers. This is her Vision and Mission both.

Dr. Trupti Jayin.jpg

Dr Trupti Jayin

Dr. Trupti Jayin provides transformative workshops and therapies, including Past Life Regression and spiritual numerology. Her methods focus on exploring past lives to heal and empower individuals.

Nitin R Kochar.jpg

Nitin Kochar

Dr. Nitin Kochar, Mumbai Ayurvedic doctor, promotes Ayurveda for healthy living, specializing in chronic disease management with personalized care, avoiding toxic medicines. 

Facebook profile photo.jpg

Tripti Raikwar

She is a compassionate and skilled Creative Spiritual Catalyst and Grief Coach, guiding individuals toward soul growth and healing.

Neha Shah.jpg

Nehaa Shaah

Nehaa Shaah, a techno-functional expert, empowers others through energy work, divination tools, and subconscious mind techniques to achieve healing and goal manifestation.

Nita bheda_edited_edited.jpg

Nita Bheda

Dr. Neeta Bheda is a holistic healer, blending astrology, tarot, and counseling to promote emotional and spiritual well-being. 


Narendra Kinger

Narendra Kinger founded Talk To Me, a mental health NGO, to address the lack of resources for underserved communities. 


Mousumi Karmakar

Mousumi Karmakar





Sangeeta Kalwani

Sangeeta, with a background in Commerce & IT, along with an International Professional Diploma in Nutritional Studies, brings with her a rich & varied business experience. 


Ami Gathani

Ami is a graphic designer by profession along with a degree in business from Cardiff University, United Kingdom, Ami draws inspiration from clean and minimal designs. 


Yogitaa Mandhyaan

Dr. Yogitaa Mandhyaan is the founder/curator of Shape and Strength. A lady physiotherapist and nutritionist with more than 17 years of experience


Harenbhai Patel,

Mr Haren Patel is a graduate in Science with Micro-biology and Post Graduate in Social Work.He become Reiki Master in September 2000.


Chhavi Damani

Chhavi Damani has Master’s Degree in Psychology from The Maharaja SayajiRao University, Baroda. 

Screenshot 2024-05-08 204848.jpg

Kuh Life

Clean, Nourish and Protect your skin with  meticulously curated collection of products, enriched with the most extraordinary natural ingredients.


Riya Inamke

Riya Inamke ,a distinguished psychologist boasting a cumulative professional experience exceeding 8 years.

Photo - Prof Sushama Maurya.png

Sushama Maurya

 Sushama Maurya,Founded and lead a yoga institute dedicated to imparting the benefits of yoga to society, enhancing
community well-being.

Screenshot 2024-05-15 125317.jpg

Samyama - Anish Rao

Its core objective is to address concerns, issues or any psychosomatic problem, spiritually, with an intention to cure from the root, through its SOUL Reading followed by Divine Energy Healing. 


Alfiya Diwal - Ayu Shakti

      Alfiya Diwal - Ayu Shakti

WhatsApp Image 2024-05-14 at 12.57.54 PM.jpeg

Pia Chakravarty

 Psychologist and Energy Healer and have dedicated myself to personal growth and healing .

Screenshot 2024-05-09 142254.jpg

Lakshmi Prem

During journey in India she inspired to combine Shamanic drum, Tibetan bowls and tuning forks therapy. With combination she created the "'Sound Chakras Healing Therapy"' .

WhatsApp Image 2024-05-10 at 9.31.26 PM.jpeg

Sukkrit Goel

Sukkrit Goel, Founder & CEO of Cannazo India. Honored with the Vinod Dixit Award, personally bestowed by the former Chief Minister of Delhi, Ms. Sheila Dixit, recognizing outstanding contributions.

Trisha Kaushik.jpg

Trisha Kaushik

She is also a certified therapist in Access Bars - a lesser known yet very interesting and effective healing modality, greatly known for its efficacy for manifesting abundance.

Amit Shah.png

Amit Shah

Amit, after being a part of corporate rigmarole and a highly successful career in foreign trade and diplomatic relations, decided to leave the mundane to be a tribe of world healers and seekers. 

Abhay Thhakkar.jpg

Abhay Thhakkar

Founder & trainer of Transformative NLP International.



B Kumar

Dr. Mehulkumar Dave.jpg

Dr. Mehulkumar Dave

Dr. Mehulkumar Dave is an expert Neuro-Psychotherapist with the extensive
experiences in various domains of Counselling, Organizational Behaviour, Training.


Dr. Partap Chauhan

Dr Partap Chauhan, Director of Jiva Ayurveda, is a world-renowned Ayurvedacharya, author, public speaker and the only Ayurvedic doctor honoured with the prestigious World Summit Award by the United Nations. 


sangita bajaj

My 28-year journey in the field of Alternative medicine has witnessed the transformative power in promoting well-being of patients.  


Vijita Tarot Card

Vijita Tarot Card




Screenshot 2024-05-10 151308.jpg

Meenakshi Walawalkar

Meenakshi Walawalkar is a psychology consultant for Transformative NLP Training International


Ashwin Iyer

Founder of Southern Brew Coffee Hailing from the Tamil Brahmin community, one that thrives on coffee, South Indian Coffee has been an important part of our daily lives.

partner-img (1).png


Dr Shekhar,a trainer, coach — all in one in your journey from illness to wellness. with a unique NO RESTRICTION REHAB philosophy.


Manish Shah

 Manish Shah,We live in a world that is driven by CONSUMERISM, where the message is always needing more and never having enough.


Gauri Varty

Gauri's creative bend, concern for the environment and a knack for getting things done makes her the task master at Earthy Route.


Kedar J

Kedar is currently leading the team of Urja Organic Farms Private Limited. Urjafarms is a mission-based company active in the field of Organic Agriculture.


Litesh Jethani

Director of travel stories ,a  seasoned Marketing professional with over 17 years of professional experience. 

Dr. Vyas Photo.jpg

Vd. Durga Dutt Vyas

Dr. Vaidya Vyas Durgadutt Umapati, BAMS, MD (Ayurved), Ayurveda Physician - Vedi Wellness Centre, Mumbai


Indra Bhojwani

             Indra Bhojwani


Dr Marcus

                   Dr Marcus

Roshan mukhani.jpg

Dr Roshan Mansukhani 

Roshan Mansukhani, a music therapist and motivational counselor in Mumbai, India.​My passion for music and helping people cope with their issues inspired me to create Music- A Holistic Heal.

Unnati Shah.jpg

Unnati Shah

Humanhood is a blend of Sakshi's and Unnati's purpose and passion!  She lives to uplift the individuals around her!


Samba Siva Rao

Despite his youthful demeanor, this individual is a multifaceted powerhouse with a deep well of knowledge across various disciplines.

Gayatri Singh.jpg

Gayatri Singh

Gayatri is a certified mindful meditation coach and sound healer based in Mumbai, specializing in corporate wellness.


Aarti Kalro

Aarti is passionate about empowering others to live a successful life on their own terms.  Drawing on her own life experiences and the guidance of the Akash  , she believes that we all have the ability to create and find beauty in life. 


Saloni Shah

Founder | HappyEveryday
Since past five years, HappyEveryday is taking conscious efforts to personalize the products and spread happiness. Because its all about being happy, everyday!


Shyamsunder Biyani

Shyambhai Biyani pivoted at 65 from struggling businessman to successful yoga instructor. His online classes boast over 11,000 students with a focus on affordability and results.

WhatsApp Image 2024-05-11 at 8.26.32 PM.jpeg

Snehal Deshpande

Dr. Snehal Deshpande specializes in Heartfulness, pre and perinatal wellness, and relationships, impacting holistic growth globally through the Heartfulness Institute.

Sheer Madness.jpg

chef ashutosh awasthi

From an unhealthy & overweight being to a lively, cheerful & a fit person. This is how my journey transpired in a few months for the better.


Roop Lakhani

Roop Lakhani is an active mystic professional since 2004. Her journey began when she undertook the basic Reiki course
in 1993. 


Atanu Das

Atanu Das holds a Master's Degree in business administration specializing in Marketing. Being a Traveller Nomad with a holistic business mindset & with 20+ years of hands-on experience 


Soniya Pagare

As the Head of Sales & Operations at WORLTA, Soniya Pagare brings a dynamic blend of experience and expertise to the forefront of the team.


Ashwin Iyer

Lizia Batla, practitioner of Aromatherapy and hair color consultant (western zone – India) for Swarzkopf (Germany) started doing intensive study and research in Feng Shui from 1991

Screenshot 2024-05-08 200410.jpg

Kerala Naturals

Kerala Naturals an ISO 9001: 2005 certified company was founded in 2012, in Kottayam district, Kerala, India.


Shruti Kainya

Shruti Kainya, the founder of Nutryst.After seeking formal education in the field, she started Nutryst back in 2018 to help people achieve their health & fitness goals.

Dr. Kinjal - ActiveCare Physical Therapy- Photo.JPG

Dr Kinjal Shah

Dr. Kinjal Shah Anandpara is owner and Clinical Director of
ActiveCare Physical Therapy Pvt Ltd. Dr. Anandpara was born
and raised in south Mumbai.


Shakshi Bhagat

Kedar is currently leading the team of Urja Organic Farms Private Limited. Urjafarms is a mission-based company active in the field of Organic Agriculture.

WhatsApp Image 2024-05-07 at 11.19.47 AM.jpeg

Karn Parekh

Co-Founder of
Herby  has emerged as a beacon of innovation, lending non-polluting technology with rich heritage of Indian  Ayurveda.


Mr. Srinithya Maitreyananda

Mr. Srinithya Maitreyananda

WhatsApp Image 2024-05-15 at 11.43.46 AM.jpeg


 Kalika Sharma, Founder of Heart of Twilight, is a Master Circle Facilitator who helps women leaders and entrepreneurs on a journey of self-discovery


Sharan India

                  Sharan India

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