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A sales agent sources products or services for buyers and works with the companies they represent in this simple way


Find the Right Products or Services: The sales agent looks for the products or services that the
buyers want. They search for suppliers or companies that offer these items.


Negotiate with Suppliers: The agent talks to these suppliers or companies to discuss things like
prices, quality, and how many products or services they need.


Test and Approve: Before buying a lot, the agent might get a few samples to check if they're good
and meet the buyers' needs.


Agree on Terms: Once the agent is happy with the products or services, they work out the details with
the suppliers or companies. This includes things like how many to buy and when they will be delivered.


Connect Buyers and Sellers: The agent then connects the buyers with the suppliers or companies,
making sure the buyers get the products or services they want.


Support the Transaction: Throughout the process, the agent helps both the buyers and the
companies to ensure a smooth and successful transaction.

So, a sales agent's job involves finding the right products or services, negotiating with suppliers, checking the quality, and making sure everything goes well when the buyers get what they need from the companies they represent.

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