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Thierry BAYLE - Business Expert and Mentor

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Join date: Jul 21, 2022


Thank you to all the stakeholders in the Fashion ecosystem. From manufacturers, designers, agents, photographers ... Without the creativity of our designers, we would all be dressing the same way. Correct?

For me, the A-B-C of fashion is: C - Creativity - Designers have it. You have it in your industry and expertise. B - Business - Have a business mindset (both you and the people you work with must have this business mindset) A - A-Team - Build a great Team of top performers.

The work I am passionate about is to ensure I join you, all the way if necessary, so that you build a global and profitable business. Are you in?

Would it help you to have critical and creative thinking when you work on a new or difficult project? Would you save time and money if you could know the golden rules your competition has applied to be successful? Would it help to know the mistakes they have made and which got them to lose months (sometimes years) and waste thousands of dollars? You will avoid wasting time and money. Will this be worth it?

Let's make your dream a reality. Let me bring you from where you are today to where you need to be tomorrow. Together, we will work towards building this global and more profitable business.


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