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60-Minute Virtual Music Therapy Session with Dr. Roshan Mansukhani


Improve your mental health with Dr. Roshan Mansukhani’s 60-minute virtual music therapy session, offering a revolutionary approach to treating mental challenges in Mumbai, India. Drawing on the ancient practice of music therapy, which has existed in India since many Yugas, Dr. Mansukhani brings a modern twist to this timeless method.

Much like physical exercise benefits your body, music therapy nurtures your mind. While traditional music therapy often focuses on classical forms, Dr. Mansukhani combines different genres based on your personal music preferences to create a therapeutic experience tailored specifically for you. This personalized approach ensures that the music used in therapy resonates with you, enhancing its therapeutic effect.

Whether you’re dealing with stress, anxiety, depression, or simply seeking to improve your overall mental well-being, Dr. Mansukhani’s expert guidance and innovative methods offer a safe and supportive environment for healing. Embrace the power of music to transform your mental health and well-being with this unique and effective therapy session.

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