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Tova Hanifin has over 30 years of experience in vastly improving people’s skin. Throughout these years she has gained the trust of innumerable clients and created ‘brand loyalty’ for her products as well and the endorsement of several medical professionals in New York who claim that she is ‘the only person who clears rosacea.’

ATOI Skincare was started on a mission to make Tova’s mother feel stunning again. It was quite appalling to her that none of the products her mother used worked, despite the emotional and financial investment. Then it became clear; the elaborate packaging, the runway model, spokespeople and the centre-fold advertisements were all a premium façade to mask inferior products.

She was determined to find a formula that produced immediate, positive results. Her original formula was born from the finest French ingredients and modelled after th

e French skin care system. She worked with the chemists to combine the complicated French skin care routine into steps that were manageable for even the most hectic lifestyle. This was the beginning of the journey back to ‘stunning.’

ATOI Skincare is a niche skin care company which is now celebrated for giving hope based on exceptional skincare products along with guidance that provides conspicuous results.


Growing your brand and tapping into the markets is effortless if people are content with the products and services. Keeping clients satisfied is the key to business and public relations at large. The consistency in the quality of the products keeps clients jovial and keeps the brand loyalty ongoing.

Very few people are happy with their skin nowadays and when they try to improve it, they are disheartened because they don’t know the basics of proper skin care, become overwhelmed by complicated skincare regimens and are let down by expensive products that fall short or don’t deliver results. So, the conundrum regarding

the improvement of skin health does not seem to get resolved even with huge financial investments.

This is where ÀTOI Skincare comes into picture. Tova Hanifin realised the issue years ago and looked into the crux of the entire problem to come up with a permanent lo

ng-term solution. Through ÀTOI’s excellent and unparalleled customer service, they worked with clients, listening to their skin care concerns and guiding them with advice on what products are best for their skin and how different foods and other lifestyle factors affect the skin. Most imperatively ÀTOI taught them the importance of daily cleansing and moisturizing and show them how to cleanse their skin as effectively as possible on a daily basis in their own home.

ÀTOI Skincare prioritises quality. The raw ingredients come primarily from France since they are of the highest caliber and are gentlest on the skin. ÀTOI Skincare’s French formulas use botanical ingredients in the proper portions along with the highest quality man-made ingredients to ensure that they are the kindest to the skin. ÀTOI Ski

ncare ingredients are organic when possible, 100% pure natural, unadulterated and free of BHA, BHT and parabens. They are not produced by gene modification, nor derived from any genetically modified organisms.

Basically, the consistent and constant attempt to keep the quality intact keeps her clients chuffed. Tova Hanifin began this journey with the intention to provide a permanent s

olution for people struggling with their skin issues and being constantly harassed by the fleecing rates of branded products that provided nothing but futile results. She began with the intention of making her mother feel stunning again whose skin aged faster than her spirit. That is the reason Tova Hanifin continues to prioritise improving people’s skin and focusing on improvement b

efore even prioritising business.

The ÀTOI Skincare Team is a tight-knit family of warm and caring people dedicated to helping everyone look and feel their best. ÀTOI Skincare has designed a system that is customized to each client’s specific needs.

The goal is to change the way people take care of their skin. ÀTOI Skincare aims to educate peopl

e about skin health and change their perception about skin care. It promises to never compromise the ethics and integrity of the company. It continues to use the highest quality ingredients in their remarkable French formulas and never test the products on animals.

ÀTOI Skincare focuses on self-care and thrives on the belief of ‘fall in love with your skin’ to rek

indle and spark confidence in people of all skin-types and age.

The ÀTOI Facial provides a complete guide to stunning skin. It is not a typical facial experience. It replaces “steam and squeeze” with “guide and glow,” offering skincare answers that help achieve beautiful and alluring skin every day. ÀTOI Skincare begins by going through their client’s current routine so as to educate them on how to eat better and eliminate factors that contribute to problem areas. After carefully evaluating the skin, superb and relevant ÀTOI products are recommended irrespective of skin type or concern.

‘By the end of your Cleansing and Moisturizing Lesson, you’ll be ready to face the world

with radiant, glowing skin.’ - ÀTOI Skincare.

This is a clear and relevant example of how you can grow and expand your business, no matter how old you are and this is how Tova Hanifin continues to bring a smile on her client’s faces and grow her business, even in her 70’s.

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