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Posh Pari

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January 10, 2023 · changed the group description.

NY based fashion designer – Tina Tandon – who got her

break in the NY fashion industry by working under

mega high-fashion brands like Escada and Christian

Lacroix (under LVMH), comes from some serious

pedigree, credentials, and experience in the fashion

world. An honors graduate of Fashion Institute of

Technology (FIT) in NYC, a Presidential Scholar, and

most recently a Roshni Honoree, – having being

published in their coffee-table book highlighting The

Who’s Who of the South Asian community in the United

States amongst personalities such as Deepak Chopra,

Mira Nair, Priyanka Chopra, Padma Lakshmi and more,

Tina Tandon has established herself as one of the

leading South Asian designers in the US. She was also

one of the first female Indian -American designers

selling mainstream in the US at top designer stores,

under her own namesake label – T.TANDON

(@TTandonNY), and one of the first ones to launch an

Indian-fusion fashion line out of United States in 2006

– POSH PARI COUTURE (@PoshPariCouture).

Launched in 2006, in NYC- for the first time, this fashion

label – Posh Pari Couture, took the glamour of Bollywood and

blended it with the attitude and practicality of NYC. Posh Pari

Couture creates clothes that are unique, elegant, and have a

western sophistication with a NY edge. It caters to the new

generation of South Asians who want to redefine the

traditional desi look, and who seek to have a touch of

modernization and a reflection of their era, times and trends

in their desi ensembles, while still keeping some cultural

elements intact.

Posh Pari designs play with unique non-traditional, beautiful,

innovative western fabrications and silhouettes to give its

clientele a modern and current look that transcends all

boundaries, and translates easily into the western lifestyle of

the global desis. The clothes are versatile, practical and

functional. Most of the designs can be worn separately, and

can easily intermix with the western wardrobe of the client,

no matter where they are in the world.

Their Resortwear 2022- is airy, light, bright, and inviting- just like a Summer Breeze! From Goato St.Tropez - this collection is for the stylish fashionista- who wants to look every bit classy,stylish, refined and stand out from the crowd!


NY based fashion designer – Tina Tandon – who got her break ...


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