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Posh Pari

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POSH Pari is a New York City-based apparel and clothing brand that specializes in conscious Indo-Fusion fashion. The brand was founded by Tina Tandon, a distinguished graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology with 14 years of experience in the industry. With Posh Pari, Tina brings her expertise to create unique clothing pieces and accessories that blend traditional Indian and contemporary western styles. Posh Pari Couture Styling and Custom Design by Tina Tandon offers personalized styling services and bespoke clothing designs that reflect the individual style of each client. Recently, Posh Pari was featured in a fashion event where they showcased their latest collection, which included a stunning range of outfit and accessory options. The accessories included a necklace set and rings, all designed to complement the clothing pieces. Tina Tandon's experience in the high-fashion industry, including working with brands like Escada, adds a touch of glamour and prestige to the Posh Pari brand.


NY based fashion designer – Tina Tandon – who got her break ...


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